Academy Vale



Our Story Continues...

...beginning this February! Sorry to keep doing this, but I'm extending the hiatus another month. Hopefully, that will give me enough time to finally redesign this page, and maybe some of the rest of the site. It's long overdue, years overdue, but if I can actually focus on it another month, maybe, just maybe things will finally start to happen.

I'd like to ask you all a favor, whoever's still dropping by on occasion. I'd like to get an idea how many folks are reading, and what people think about the way it's been going so far. It's slow, I know, and probably doesn't seem to have much direction even now, though I've tried to get better about all that. In any case, I'm just looking for a little feedback. I've had some ideas about adding things like a forum, some profiles... just some of the ancillaries a lot of online comics put up these days. I'm really not sure I'm ready to try adding things like that yet, but as long as I'm trying to get things back on track, they're worth considering, at least. In any case, if you can spare a moment to drop an email, I'd certainly appreciate it.

See you in February!

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