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The Gallery

I'm beginning to consider some small changes to this particular section. It's grown slowly over time, and I haven't paid it a lot of attention. Understandable, given how rarely I create something approaching 'professional' quality, but if I keep adding pieces, and pick up the pace as I'm hoping to, a few changes will have to be made.

One of the most basic will be finding a way to speed the download time. I've let the image file sizes go ignored on the justification that the page is about the pictures, after all, but the truth is there are ways to trim things down, and three or more 70-kilobyte images is really a bit much to download at once.

Therefore, I've decided to pull most or all of the large images off this page and replace them with a table or list much like what I use in my Sketch-A-Day section. These will then serve as links to the full size, full color version of each piece. This way, you the visitor will not only be saved precious minutes in downloads, but can decide for yourself which pieces you want a closer look at. Not to say I'd mind if you still wanted to see them ALL... *grin*

As you can see, I've not done this yet. It will be done hopefully within the next two weeks, but with the first anniversary of the Sketch-A-Day page fast approaching (nudge, nudge), you'll understand if I get a little sidetracked, I hope. So until next time, set back, grab a drink, and enjoy the tour!




This is the first time I've placed someone else's character on this page, and as characters go, I think I could have picked a lot worse. *hehe!* Meet Roxicat, the busty, bouncy, boisterous creation of John Barrett, whose own creations, both furry and otherwise, may be found at his own website. Click this image to see it in its original size (960 x 1027).


The full size version is almost 150 kilobytes. Be ready for a short wait...


Cyber Jack!

Our Hero's alter ego bursts onto the Net in one of my first truly serious attempts at professional quality art. Click the image to see the full size (800 x 600) version. The full size image file is over 140 kilobytes long and may take several minutes to download.


Iris Runs!

This snippet of animation is still a work in progress. As you can see, Iris still needs a face, and her tail is also missing. At some point I do intend to continue, if not complete the project, but anyone who's tried to balance life and love knows which side all too often tips the scale.

Brigitte Bunny / Lepis Lazuli

Ballerina Brigitte Lepis Lazuli Lazuli 2

These three images were the first to grace this gallery. The top and left pieces were on the original page. The one on the right came much later. There is still little to tell of the mysterious blue bunny, though I still try to build on her story when I can. For now, I'm afraid it must remain a mystery.

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